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Pro Sound Institute was founded in 2011 out of a drive to mix workflow efficiency, advanced tech, and creativity into increasingly progressive audio experiences. Originally we offered a blend of a studio-based program where students learned on state-of-the-art equipment alongside live online classes taught by Hollywood professionals including Sound designer Jake Eberle and Score Mixer, James T. Hill.

Over the last two years, we researched and redesigned our program to boost your learning experience. This brought about our two new integrated products: STATE OF IMMERSION online training program and REMINISCE, powered by Emulator Pro software, touch screen DAW controller.

Our goal is provide you with the next generation of interactive online educational programs, tools, and professional community for future sound artists. However, while moving into the future, we are not disregarding the years of development and expertise offered by the professional studios. Through interactive webinars, we will explore the industry sound landmarks, dubbing stages, and music studios to reinforce the connection between the home and professional studio environment.

With the STATE OF IMMERSION program we are offering you a different take on the 'educational experience'. Instead of re-telling the story, we unpack audio engineering know-how in a cinematic way. An experiential way. So that you will "live" your lessons and remember them.


SOFI Module 1





SOFI Module 1




SOFI Module 2




Full Program Syllabus


FLEXIBLE LEARNING: We understand that you are busy. We offer you the convenience of studying when it fits into your schedule. No externally imposed classes or deadlines. You login and learn where and when you're ready.

BADGE REWARD SYSTEM: We are offering you the chance to stand out from the crowd by displaying your growing expertise. You will earn badges after completing each module, during various contests, assignments, and extra-credit tasks.

HANDS ON ASSIGNMENTS: Our program incorporates real-world practical assignments which reinforce concepts in concrete examples. You will sharpen your skills.

ENGAGING MULTIMEDIA TRAINING PLATFORM:  Tooltips, Quizzes, Assignments, and Multi-Media content enhance your learning experience.

MEANINGFUL ASSESSMENT OF YOUR WORK: Our program has Automatic Online Quizzes which means that you get to see your results instantly. This allows quick comprehension checks to keep you on track. Additionally, you will receive direct feedback on submitted assignments with individual comments to help you improve your craft.

PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK AND PERSONAL CONNECTIONS: You will also join a community of like-minded pro audio professionals and engage in industry specific topics on our forum. You will have the chance to learn from Oscar-winning Hollywood professionals during webinars and other events.

PORTFOLIO AND SHOWREEL: Throughout each module of STATE OF IMMERSION, you will be building your portfolio by completing assignments and extra-credit tasks. By the end of the program you will have a substantial collection demonstrating your refined skills. By the completion of the 6th module, you will have edited and mastered your own showreel. This is the pinnacle of your portfolio and may be showcased on your own website to demonstrate your personal skills and style.




Laptop, Desktop, Smart Phone, Tablet


Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher


Recommended System

Touch- enabled PC / Monitor / Device

Intel i5 / i7 CPU

8 GB RAM (or better)

Windows 8 32/64 bit

Tested Tablet PC

Dell XPS 18


Smithson Martin Emulator Pro

Nuendo 6.5, Cubase  7.5

If you do not own Steinberg software, you can test Nuendo 6.5 by downloading a trial version. The trial version offers the same features as the full version and runs for 400 hours. Download

Please note: to use the trial version of Nuendo 6.5  you need a USB licencer

This course is aimed at the intermediate student who has some background in the audio engineering field. A basic understanding of principal terms and processes is assumed so that advanced improvements may be acquired. This course takes the basic concepts of audio and unpacks their nuances so that a deep grasp is achieved. Insights and ah-ha moments abound. Through this study, you will deepen your knowledge of sound engineering techniques that will take your practice to the next level.

However, if you do not have any grounded experience but have passion for sound engineering, we do not want to discourage you. There are some students who are voracious learners willing to go the extra mile. If you are motivated to learn and ready to study up on the basics as you progress through the course, it may also be a good fit for you. The answer can really only be determined on a case-by-case basis.

There is nothing like 1st hand experience. You are most welcome to sample the program in the Module 1 Preview to get a taste for the level and teaching style.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

No. In fact, we value every aspect of studio excellence. Most importantly, we hold in high esteem the expertise provided by the professionals who've worked there and who've shaped the industry. During the program we will connect you with Hollywood professionals who will share their know-how and help you apply it to your reality. Many terms and principles taught in our STATE OF IMMERSION program are scalable. Which means the same principles apply to your home studio as the dubbing stage and the large-scale theater. If your dream is to work in a large studio, this training will prepare you. When you get there - you will be ready!

Yes, absolutely. We believe the more individualized and relevant the feedback, the more meaningful it is. We aim to give you timely constructive feedback on all your submitted assignments - usually within 48-72 hours of submission. You will also be able to submit questions directly to us and engage in conversations about topics that interest you in our forum.

Once you have completed your member registration, you become a part of the ProSi community. You can connect with other students, send messages, chat, and create forum topics.

Yes. You will earn a STATE OF IMMERSION Certificate of Completion upon finishing each program module.

Recording mixer

Dialogue editor

FX editor

Sound designer

Re-recording mixer

Score mixer

Mastering/mixing engineer

Music producer

Music editor

DJ video remixer

Studio sound engineer

If you are unhappy with the course within the first 14 days after product purchase, we will refund you 100% -- minus any applicable payment processing service fees.

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