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The Setup

Imagine this scenario:

Your phone rings. It’s the editor you met on the movie set. It turns out that a director he knows has seen your portfolio and loves your work so much that his production company is offering you a gig for the entire audio post-production services on their recent project. They will have the final cut of the picture and all relevant files ready for you in a week. All the requirements will be covered in an email you can expect pretty soon.

“Cool.” You hang up the phone.

Time to make a coffee. Bing – your phone screen lights up. You press the email icon and there it is. The list says:

It’s required from you at the completion of the project to deliver dialogue, sound design, and music premixed and prepared for the final mix. Interestingly for the MX part, the director’s vision covers a wide range of music genres. You will have to produce anything from bits, trap, electronic to dynamic score.

BTW, the job is yours IF you agree to deliver the final mix in surround sound format. The producer has heard mixes done in 11.1 and 9.1, and he thinks it would be great for the premiere. According to him that’s where the entertainment industry is heading right now.

The final mix will be done on a professional dubbing stage — they can get one, at least for a for a day or two. No encoding is required on your side. All you have to deliver is the compatible stems. “What do you think, man?” ends the editor  adding thumbs up sign.

You walk across your room — let’s think. They do believe in you. But….all you’ve done so far was 2ch music productions, and some sound design in 5.1 at most. On the other hand, the cash advance you’ll get for the project would allow you to upgrade your system.  You ask yourself, “Is this the right time for me?” Surround sound for 5.1 sounds complex enough. You call the editor back.

“When’s the deadline?”

“Actually, I’d say you have 3 months from now. There is still VFX team working on the final CGI, but you can start whenever you’re ready.”

“Sure. Send it in. Thanks for the gig man,” and you hang up the phone.

You get the files one week later — they are uploaded to your cloud — now what?

Regardless of the probability of the above “real-life situation”, the decision-making process in a case like this is a tough one. But if you look at it as an opportunity, it may get you somewhere you never thought you were going to be.

Or did you?

September 15, 2015

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