Pro Sound Institute


NEW APPROACH: STATE OF IMMERSION is a 6 module audio engineering program with a hands-on interactive learning format. This curriculum takes you on a “learn-as-you-go” journey with its 1st person perspective and “shows you by doing” through practical examples, diagrams, and interactive media – both audio and visual. (Click here for a sample: Module 1 Preview)

FLEXIBILITY AND PRO-MOBILITY: Our program allows you to work at your own pace. You can finish each module in as little as 2 weeks or up until 2 years from your start date. Our STATE OF IMMERSION online program works on the device of your choice: PC, laptop, tablet, or your smartphone! Learn while commuting!

REMINISCE DAW Controller is mobile! Once uploaded on your PC of choice*, you can mix and master wherever you please. REMINISCE offers a freedom unseen in our industry!

*Reminisce has been tested and performed very well on the Dell XPS 18 Tablet PC

EXPERIENCE: Follow in the footsteps of many highly-esteemed professionals who’ve been there and are ready to show you the behind the scenes of this field. Only black magic and sorcery? Not a chance. There is an art in the expression but there is also a lot of practical insider’s information that can only be gained from experience. Come along and get the insider’s scoop and hear it like it’s never been told before!

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: With ProSI you can easily upgrade your studio and know-how and break the boundaries for tomorrow’s standards. As technology develops, the internet and devices are creating new opportunities to engage with prospective clients from your own home studio. Turn your passion for sound into a paying career.

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